We are the sum of our choices

And since 2004, Clark Creative has made creative matter – playing a key role in the launch of new and existing business in the region. As a visual communications company, we have worked with economic development authorities, city & planning developers, public transportation, and a range of clients from real estate developers to small batch pimento cheese makers.

Our modus

(fancy word for method)


“If there’s a rocket, tie me to it.” Our vision is organic and something we share along the way. From smiles to head scratching, we may take separate rocket ships, but we all land on the moon. We can work with existing optics or we can create something out of a blank page. As creatives, we live for the blank page; just waiting to fill it in.


Just another fun word for listening. And we do it pretty well. From stacks of Moleskine journals, sticky notes (the really big ones), and anything else on which we can leave an impression, we capture the client’s story—past, present, and future—to set the pace with how we move forward. Without the creative jargon and marketing bally-who: We listen, capture and create.


We cultivate creativity without sacrificing communication. And we do this from the top down. Simplify, refine, publish, print and post. After all, effective communication is vital to simplicity.


Consumers need to be spoken with, not spoken at. We understand how consumers think and feel, and know it’s more about attitudes, interests and opinions. We’re at the intersection of creating desire, trust and love for your brand. People are…well, people.


Here is where the sum of our choices lines up. We view our clients as planets, whirling around our office. At times, each of those planets is at the center of our creative system. Our starscape of projects makes us stronger, and your brand too.

Along the way, in both public & private sectors, Clark Creative has racked up some love.

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