Web design that fuels success.

From robust, responsive websites to fully-integrated e-commerce stores, tailoring your digital needs is an important part of making sure your web presence expresses and reinforces your brand. We can deliver custom, scalable WordPress web design with as much – or as little – functionality as your business needs.

How do we get started with a new website?

We work with companies big and small, from real estate to pimento cheese makers, driving tangible results. Although every website comes with its own set of unique design and development requirements, our approach is always the same:


Where do we start? Easy– from the beginning. We encourage anyone interested in revamping, redesigning, or starting from scratch to download and review our Website Intake Form. This allows companies to assess what’s most important from the very start; Why do you need a website? This process will serve as an invaluable tool for the Client and development team to understand the background and goals of the project.

After reviewing the form and assessing your goals, in-person meetings to bolster the document with our recommendations and feedback helps further highlight what the main needs and goals of the website will initially be.

The information we receive helps to communicate what makes you or your brand unique, special, and different. Below is an overview of some of the things we cover:


Think of this phase as the digital version of “measure twice, cut once.”


Armed with a solid understanding of your website needs, we dig deeper by finding ways to effectively and properly translate your brand’s voice to the digital environment. This involves everything from researching your industry and bridging gaps that may exist in your existing collateral, to auditing current web and digital items for ways to leverage elements that work while also updating or removing those that don’t.

Some questions to consider:

Answers to these and other integral project inquiries inform the approach our creative team takes in designing and ultimately developing your website. For the benefit of our clients and accelerating results, we make it a point to build our websites (regardless of scope) with responsive functionality and SEO best practices inclusive of the project.


We’d be remiss not to tell you this is probably our favorite part! Having worked closely to define your site needs and creating an action plan for next steps, we dive into the design process. Our team is dedicated in ensuring that your site not only looks and feels like your brand, but also reinforces and engages that brand with your audience.

We take into consideration any print or branding collateral that is currently being used (business cards, brochures, etc.) to create a seamless digital experience.

web design and branding

A comprehensive creative review document is also crafted, providing a thorough overview of the proposed web design and functionality. Visualizing exactly how things will not only look, but interact, is vital to the design process. Now comes the home stretch.


The development portion of the project is where all of our technical preparation and creative explorations meet. During this phase we outline and implement all necessary integrations, ensure that the content is formatted properly, and test the overall usability.

Once all of the parts and pieces are configured, we have lift off!

What if I am just getting my feet wet with my product and/or service and only need something small scale?

We understand the need for immediate online visibility when you’re first launching your brand, or even rebranding for that matter. Not only do we offer custom WordPress web design on a smaller scale, we are also an official Squarespace Circle member.

This allows us to leverage the website building platform powered by Squarespace along with customizations to your theme that is exclusive to your brand and projects, further creating a custom digital home that does not feel out-of-the-box. The result? A lower cost for a beautiful, effective website (without all the bells and whistles of a WordPress site).

I have a beautiful new website, completely customized to my needs and scalable for future updates…but today I realized a plugin feature is not loading and my site is displaying weird. Is my site broken?

Knowing that there are just as many providers for website maintenance as there are options for web design, we have created our own website maintenance packages available to all of our WordPress website clients.

Tiered to accommodate varying needs, our support plans help prepare for rare instances where interruptions to digital services, or unpredictable plugin performance/cancellation that once worked perfectly, affect your site. We build our websites to prepare for these occurrences, but have found that in the vast sea of frequent and ever-changing website updates that support and service may inevitably be required.

Learn more about our support plans